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Must Do’s For Your Health

Did you know the reason why people…

  • do not succeed with weight loss or
  • are becoming a Type II Diabetic

has many times to do with imbalances with their functional health?

There are 15 functional health conditions that can determine a healthy functioning body and their imbalances could be a reason for unhealthy lipids, elevated blood pressure and other unhealthy bio-markers.

Functional lab testing is expensive and time consuming. We have the ability to analyze your functional health condition by having you complete an online symptoms questionnaire. By answering about 290 questions, you will not only be able to see which of 15 functional health conditions are imbalanced, but you will also be given your WICO® Wellness Score.

This score like FICO® for credit, will establish your wellness index and is a function of how many of the 15 functional health conditions being analyzed are severe, moderate and mild. We recently were certified to offer this unique assessment and would like to offer it to you at NO COST! This is a $75 saving as a thank you for your trust in our clinic. We will also provide you with a free consultation ($100 savings) on your WICO® Graph Output for a total savings of $175!

The beauty of WICO® and analyzing your functional imbalances is to not only pinpoint why you have not succeeded with your health goals in the past, but to also ensure you are addressing the root cause of your symptoms. The process can determine nutritional deficiencies, chronic conditions and the likelihood of food intolerances.

Please fill in the form at the top right of this page for your complimentary WICO® Access Code to take the online questionnaire. Your WICO® Access Code will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

I want to thank you again for your confidence in working with our practice. I look forward to keeping you well and healthy in 2015. Please have an incredible year.

By the way, if you haven’t been into our office yet, or live too far away to come in, you can still get your WICO® Wellness Score and Consultation if you are a U.S. resident. We work by phone also.

Yours in Health,

Christine H. Farlow, D.C.



Iodine And Your Weight

Achieving a healthy weight is not always easy. If it were, 70% of the population would not be overweight.

For many, trying to lose weight, striving to achieve a healthy weight has been a struggle for a long time. Many people go on diet after diet, program after program and still hold onto the extra pounds. Some just give up after trying so many different things when nothing has worked. Others choose drastic measures like gastric bypass surgery or the Lap Band.

The key to weight loss is not losing weight. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be healthy before you can lose weight and maintain the new weight.

If your body is toxic, it will hold onto fat to prevent the toxins in your system from harming your organs.

If you have a low functioning thyroid gland, your metabolism will be slow and it will be hard to lose weight. Even if you take supplements to support your thyroid gland, or you’re on thyroid medication, your thyroid could still not be functioning optimally if you are deficient in iodine.

Iodine is an important nutrient that we don’t often hear too much about. After the recent Japanese nuclear accident, we heard a lot about taking potassium iodide to protect yourself from radioactive iodine damage to your thyroid gland. But the truth of the matter is that if your body has optimal amounts of iodine in your tissues, you don’t have to worry about radioactive iodine or other toxic halides, like chlorine, bromine or fluoride, poisoning you.

But how many people have adequate levels of iodine in their bodies? According to Dr. David Brownstein, 96% of Americans are deficient in iodine. An iodine deficiency not only affects your thyroid gland and your weight, but it affects every organ and cell in your body.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, with other health issues, or just not feeling as well as you would like to, you might be deficient in iodine.

Find out how you can determine if your iodine levels are healthy or not. Fill in the form at the top right of this page to request a free consultation.