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April 30, 2012

Urgent Action Needed Regarding CARRAGEENAN!

Carrageenan is currently allowed in USDA certified organic foods.

Degraded Carrageenan is a possible carcinogen, as determined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and should NOT be allowed in certified organic foods.

Although food grade carrageenan is claimed to contain only the native, non-degraded carrageenan, research has proven otherwise. “A 2005 study showed that not a single sample of food-grade carrageenan could confidently claim to be entirely free of the potential cancer-causing material.”

Carrageenan’s status as an allowable ingredient in organic foods will be voted upon by the USDA National Organic Standards Board in May.

Please send your comments to the USDA, by May 3, to remove carrageenan as an allowable ingredient in organic foods.

The safety of organic foods is at stake here!

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